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Sudden Vengeance by Nik Morton

When trust in the forces of law and order break down, when child molesters, rapists, thieves and murderers go uncaught or virtually unpunished then something’s got to give. Reading this tale of a righteous vigilante on the loose in the

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BOMB by Les Edgerton

Take one foolproof plan, sweated and toiled over, examined, researched, rehearsed and plotted down to the finest detail. Add to the mix one soon-to-be-disposed-of nitwit partner with a shoe obsession plus an exploding dog, and things are going just fine

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Kill Me Quick by Paul D Brazill

With a once promising music career down the pan and some evil types on his arse, Mark is homeward bound to a northern seaside town for some R&R. But with the place having gone from worse to worser, plus his

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The Ragman’s Son

Have just finished reading an autobiography written some 20 years ago by the actor Kirk Douglas. Entitled ‘The Ragman’s Son’ it charts his life from New Amsterdam in New York where he was born the only son of illiterate Jewish

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Guns of Brixton by Paul D Brazill

Annoying, isn’t it, how tripping over something can bollocks-up your day? Not to mention the entire future of the bloke whose head you have accidentally shot off. Still, not to be deterred you and your mate carry on with your

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WITHOUT THE MOON by Cathi Unsworth

As WW2 makes its retreat further back into history, we are left with the fading memories of those who lived through it alongside Pathe newsreels, the legendary Blitz Spirit and the seemingly superhuman heroism of The Battle of Britain, films

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DREAD: The Art of Serial Killing by Mark Ramsden.

It’s a tough job being a spy AND a serial killer. What with his chief-spook boss demanding results, the chav ‘Candidate number 9’ spending what is left of his miserable life trussed up in a coffin while Mr Madden contemplates

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Sod The Bitches by Steven Berkoff

Many moons ago, a struck-off doctor of my acquaintance said. ‘Those people you see in the street, going about their daily business, you will never know their salty longings’. Well, here they are laid out before the reader, a veritable

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