WITHOUT THE MOON by Cathi Unsworth

WITHOUT THE MOON by Cathi Unsworth

As WW2 makes its retreat further back into history, we are left with the fading memories of those who lived through it alongside Pathe newsreels, the legendary Blitz Spirit and the seemingly superhuman heroism of The Battle of Britain, films made at the time such as ‘London Can Take It ‘or decades later John Boorman’s nostalgia for a wartime childhood in ‘Hope and Glory’. With so much second-hand information can we still distinguish between reality and myth? In ‘Without The Moon’, Cathi Unsworth skilfully taps into these confusions, combining London street-level grit and the widespread obsession with spiritualism and the occult to transform a detective Jack The Ripper-type murder mystery into its own piece of wartime mythology. Along with the title (from Irving Berlin’s ‘ Let’s Face The Music and Dance’ ‘) the nifty use of ’30s and ’40s song titles as chapter headings adds to the sense of time and place. The reader can almost hear the All-Clear sounding and is left dreading what will be found when everyone emerges from the shelters in the dust-drenched morning light. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1846689864?keywords=without%20the%20moon%20by%20cathi%20unsworth&qid=1439294806&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1

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