Guns of Brixton by Paul D Brazill

Guns of Brixton by Paul D Brazill

Annoying, isn’t it, how tripping over something can bollocks-up your day? Not to mention the entire future of the bloke whose head you have accidentally shot off. Still, not to be deterred you and your mate carry on with your plan. Legs shaved, check. Wigs on, check. Glittery frock, check. Guns, check. So with the body in the boot of the car, off you set to knock-over a posh antiques emporium. And that is when the proverbial really hits the whatsit. Visceral, foul-mouthed and blisteringly funny, with Guns of Brixton, Paul D Brazill creates a sleazy underworld inhabited by dodgy London geezers, Geordie hard men and the occasional shark. Highly recommended.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Lesley.

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